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Independent Game Developer / Amateur Artist

Hello, I'm Emmanuel Ramos, an indie solo-dev known as earrgames. I tend to share updates, works in progress, and random content in Twitter the most (just so you know).

Feel free to get in touch with me if you need my programming or artistic abilities (or need support with a game or product).

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Main game releases (Retail)

A puzzle game inspired by Minesweeper; blocks are now influenced by gravity. Do you think you have what it takes to beat it?

PC, 2018

Inspired by Silent Hill and Amnesia, this is a pixelated first-person puzzle-horror game. Features several possible endings.

PC, 2014

Recent developments, ongoing projects, or important announcements

Check out all of my work/news posts here. >

Small projects I've released

PC, Android (2019) PC, Android (2019)

Hexcape is a freeware hexagon-based minesweeper-like game.

Asset Store (2018) Asset Store (2018)

Player Prefs Pro is a Unity Asset to encrypt and protect playerPrefs system variables.

Web (2014) Web (2014)

My entry for Gamejolt's Game Boy Jam. A Silly game about collecting soda bottles.

Web (2014) Web (2014)

Created for the Ludum Dare 29. A simple proc-gen maze game in which you must escape as quickly as possible.

PC, Windows (2014) PC, Windows (2014)

A local two-player game about blocking out paths with boxes.

PC, Windows (2014) PC, Windows (2014)

A small buggy prototype depicting a wheelchair-riding man fleeing from bumper cars.


A bit about my workflow

As I'm a solo independent developer, I have to do everything myself, which is one of the reasons I find it relatively easy to adjust to new software/pipelines. One disadvantage is that I don't get to go deeply into every ability since it would take too long to do anything else; there is only so much one person can accomplish alone at a time. I consider myself a coder rather than an artist.

The majority of my development is game-focused and built with Unity (since, to be honest, I don't see any reason to use anything else). For minor specific tools, I may use Python or the defunct SharpDevelop. I utilize FOSS for almost everything I do.

Some of the tools I frequently use for development and would recommend to everyone are:: Unity, GIMP, Monodevelop/VS Studio Code, Notepad++, Blender, Graphics Gale/Aseprite, Zim, Audacity, Diagram Designer, Kdenlive, OBS Studio, SharpDevelop, Ultimate Doom Builder(Yes, a Doom mapping tool supporting 3D floors. Did you know it can export pixel perfect UV mapped .obj format levels?)

My major influences in game development are the Doom, Castlevania, and Silent Hill series, which is why most of my games are retro-styled and lack modern features.